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Ζυγος VDS 6/15

Σε Απόθεμα

Highly accuracy load cell
Quick and precise weighing
ZERO and TARE functions
Software “damper” protection from vibrations and air draughts
Front indication for the customer, installed on convenient flexible tower
Overload warning and low battery warning
Plastic protector
Built-in rechargeable battery
Backlight on the display
Built-in thermometer.
Automatic price calculation (for VDS...С and VDS...СР models)
Total “Price to pay” calculation for multiple measurements (for VDS...С and VDS...СР models)
Subtraction of account (for VDS…C and CP models )
Interface connection with computer and cash register (optional)
Connection with label printer (optional for models VDS…C and CP)

Αρ.εγκρισης Φ2-661/2013


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